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Click To Call

We are very excited to announce a click-to-call functionality on our systems! This is a very easy to use application and will allow you to dial any number in a document, webpage, etc.


  • Download the click to call beta from here.
  • Run the installer on your PCSettings Screen
  • Right click on the application icon in your status bar
  • Click SettingsDomain: Your custom FFB Services Domain
    • API Key: Your API Key provided to you by FFB Services. Contact us if you do not have one.
    • Your Ext: Your local extension number
  • Click OK


Placing a callHighlight any number on a webpage, word document, etc and then press F9 key. You will see a popup in the lower right corner saying “Calling: xxx-xxx-xxxx”. Your phone will begin to ring. Answer your phone and the call will be placed for you.

eFax Windows Client

We now support eFaxing via a desktop client.

  1. Download the client from here.
  2. Run the client and follow the installation instructions.
  3. Open the client from your start menu
  4. Enter your login credentials for the eFax system. If you don’t know your login, please contact us.

The main screen
Once you log in, you’ll be presented with the main screen. From here you can view and delete faxes.
Main eFax Screen

To send a fax, click on “FILE” and “SEND FAX”, enter the recipient’s number, select the file to send. Optionally, you can include a cover page with additional information.
Send an eFax

Click OK to send your fax.

Portal – Conference Center

Users can create their own Conference rooms on demand using the Conference Room app.

To access the call detail records page click on APPS->CONFERENCE CENTER. This page will show you any current conference rooms you have and allows you to delete or add new ones. Conference rooms are all tied to your primary custom conference room number, contact us for your conference room number.


  • Click the “+” buttonConference Room Settings
  • Room Name: Enter a descriptive room name
  • Moderator: Enter a secret pin for the moderator
  • Participant: Enter a secret pin for participants to enter
  • Profile: do not change this setting
  • Record: Change to TRUE if you want to record the conference
  • Max Members: Enter the maximum number of people who can join, enter 0 for unlimited
  • Schedule: Enter a start/end date for the room, leave blank for an ongoing room
  • Wait For Moderator: Enter TRUE if you want the participants to wait for the moderator to join
  • Announce: Set to TRUE for the system to announce when people join or leave the room
  • Mute: Set to TRUE if you want the participants muted upon entry to the room
  • Enabled: Set to TRUE
  • Sounds: Set to FALSE
  • Click SAVE

Starting the Call

  • Send your participants the meeting information
    • Phone number or Extension
    • Participant Pin code
    • Date/Time the meeting will start
  • As the moderator, start the call
    • Call the number or extension
    • Enter your moderator pin code

During the Call

During the call there is an Interactive Conference page which allows you to monitor who’s connected, who has the floor, mute.

  • Click APPS->Conference CenterConference Active
  • Under the TOOLS Column, click “VIEW”
  • You will now be presented by with a screen listing all participants and actions to MUTE, DEAF or KICK them.

Now that you’ve mastered Conference Center, learn about our other portal options.

Portal – Call Detail Records

Call Detail Records allows you to review your incoming and outgoing calls, calling statistics and export records to excel.

To access the call detail records page click on APPS->CALL DETAIL RECORDS. This page will display all your incoming and outgoing calls. If a recording was made of the call, you will have the option to listen to the call or download the recording. Call recordings are only kept for 60 days.

In the upper right corner there are also three buttons, “MISSED CALLS”, “STATISTICS” and “EXPORT”.

  • Missed Calls: Click this button to see a list of all your missed calls.
  • Statistics: Click this to see volume of calls per hour/calls per minute and your 1,7,30 day call volumes
  • Export: Click export to save the file as CSV. This file can be opened with Microsoft Excel

Now that you’ve mastered Call Detail Records, learn about our other portal options.

Portal – Call Block

Call Block allows you to block calls that are not wanted. This will not block calls to the entire system, but only for your extension.

Call BlockTo access the call block page click on APPS->CALL BLOCK. This page will display a list of any currently blocked numbers and allow you to add new ones. From here you can add, edit or delete.


  • Click the “+” sign to add a new call blockCall Block Add
    • This page will show you a list of your recent calls. If the number you wish to block is listed, simply click the “+” sign.
  • Number: enter the full number of the caller you wish to block
  • Name: Enter a descriptive name to block
  • Action: Select “Reject”
    • You can also select to forward the call direct to voicemail, with the drop down select the voicemail box to send the call to
  • Enabled: Set this to TRUE
  • Click Save


  • Click the “X” next to the entry you wish to delete
  • Click “OK” to confirm

Now that you’ve mastered Call Blocking, learn about our other portal options.

Portal – Call Forward/Follow Me

From the main portal webpage, click the “Call Forward” button next to your extension. This will take you to the call forward/follow me settings page.

Call Forward

There are three options for call forwarding:

  • Call Forward (All): This will forward all your calls to the number specified. This can be your cell phone, another extension, a ring group, an IVR, etc.
  • On Busy: If you’re in a call, this will forward your calls to another party, your cell phone, etc.
  • No Answer: If you don’t answer the phone, it will forward calls to this number, bypassing your voicemail.
  • Not Registered: If your phone is not registered to our system, then calls will go to this number before going to voicemail. This is useful incase your local internet or power goes out.

Be sure to click “Enabled” next to the option you are setting and that you enter a valid number or extension.

Follow Me

This feature allows you to ring multiple phones at once. For example if you want your desk phone to ring first for 10 seconds and then ring your cell phone.

  • Be sure to click “Enabled” Follow Me
  • Destination: Enter the number of where you want it to ring. Be sure that you put your EXT number in the group. Otherwise calls will not ring your desk phone. This can be any valid extension or USA phone number.
  • Delay: Use this column if you want a delay when calling the other numbers. For example, if you want the system to ring your desk phone first then call your cell phone, enter a 10 next to your cell phone.
  • Timeout: The system will stop ringing the defined number after the timeout period.
  • Prompt: If you want the system to confirm that you want to answer the call, click “Confirm” in the drop down.
  • Ignore Busy: If an extension on the list is currently in a call and this is set to “TRUE” it will not ring that extension.

Now that you’ve mastered Call Forward/Follow Me, learn about our other portal options.

Portal – Voicemail

Once you have logged into the portal you’re able to manage a variety of settings for your voicemail. To start, click the “View Messages” button on your main dashboard.This will take you to a list of any voicemail messages you currently have. You can play them, download them or delete them directly from this page.

There are also two buttons, “Greetings” and “Settings” in the upper right hand corner.


Click on the “Greetings” button. This will take you to a page listing your current greetings and allow you to upload new greetings, review your current greetings or select the active greeting.

  • To Upload a greeting
    • Click the “Choose File” button
    • Select the file from your hard drive. We suggest that you upload .WAV formatted files
    • Click “UPLOAD”
    • The greeting will now appear below in your greeting list
  • To select current greeting
    • First click the PLAY button to review the greeting
    • Once you have selected the correct greeting, click the Radio button on the far left of the line
    • A message will appear saying “Greeting Selected”
  • To delete a greeting
    • First click the PLAY button to review the greeting
    • Once you have selected the correct greeting to delete, click the “X” button.
    • WARNING: Once you have deleted the greeting, we cannot restore it.


Now, go back to the main Voicemail page and click “Settings”. This will take you to a very detailed page allowing you make changes to your voicemail account.

  • Password: This allows you to change the password when you click the “MESSAGE” button on your phone
  • Options: This allows you to create options for the user when leaving a voicemail, for example in your message you can say “To reach my assistant press 1, to reach me via my cell phone press 2”
    • Option: enter the number the caller will press, in this case 1
    • Destination: select from the drop down where you would like to send them, either to another extension, a ring group, etc
    • Description: Enter a short description to help you remember where this is going
    • Add: Click add to save your changes
  • Mail To: This option will email your voicemail message to whichever email you specify. Enter your email address here.
  • Voicemail File: Leave the option as “Audio File Attachment”
  • Keep Local: If you enter an email you can select to keep the voicemail recording on the server. If you change this to “FALSE”, the voicemail will be deleted once the email is sent.
  • Forward Destinations: If you want another user to get copied on all your voicemail, select their extension number here.
  • Enabled: If you want to disable all your voicemail, set this to False

Be sure to click “SAVE” after making any changes.

Now that you’ve mastered Voicemail, learn about our other portal options.

Basic Phone Usage

Making a call

  • Dial the number. We suggest you dial the number before picking up the headset. This allows you to make changes if you make a mistake
  • Pick up the headset. Picking up the headset will automatically dial the number. Or you can press “Send”.
  • The call will be placed.

Putting a call on Hold

  • While in the call press the “Hold” button on the phone.
  • The light will now flash, indicating the call is on hold.
  • To Resume the call, click the “resume” button or press the Flashing Line button.

Parking a call

  • While in the call press lower right LINE KEY.
  • This will now take you to a second page with a list of “Lines”
  • Select a “Line” with a green indicator next to it and press the key
  • The call is now “parked”
  • To resume the call, from any phone, press the line key with a red indicator next to it.
  • Calls that are parked for more then 30 seconds will automatically ring back to the parker.

Using the LDAP Directory

  • Press the directory button on the phone
  • Make sure first entry “LDAP” is highlighted
  • Click “OK” or “Enter”
  • Type the name using the keypad
    • To enter the letter “C”, press 1 three times.
    • To enter the letter “H”, press 4 twice.
    • Results will start to appear as the phone finds entries
  • Using the arrow keys, scroll up and down to find the entry you want
  • Press the “SEND” button to place the call

DND (Do not disturb)

  • Press the “DND” button on the phone to place yourself into Do Not Disturb mode
  • A Red “DND” icon will appear in the upper right corner of the phone
    • You will not receive any calls while in DND mode.
    • All calls will go directly to Voicemail
  • To remove yourself from DND, press the DND button again
    • The Red icon will disappear

Transferring a call (Unattended)

  • While in a call, press the “TRANSFER” button
  • Enter the number of the person you wish to transfer to
  • Press the “TRANSFER” button again

Transferring a call to voicemail

  • While in a call, press the “TRANSFER” button
  • Enter the number *99 followed by the person’s extension. For example: *991234
  • Press the “TRANSFER” button again

Creating a Conference

  • While in a call, press the “CONFERENCE” button
  • Call the second person to add to the conference
  • Once connected, press the “CONFERENCE” button again
  • You will now all be joined to a conference
  • You can have up to 3 people in an ad-hoc conference.

Checking your Voicemail

  • Press the “MESSAGE” button on your phone
  • You will be asked for a password, enter this followed by #

Call Forward a single incoming call

  • Before answering the call, press the “FWD” button.
  • Enter the number of the person to forward too
  • Press send

Now that you’ve mastered the basics of receiving and placing calls, check out our portal pages.

Phone Installation

Installation is simple

  1. Unbox the phone. The box will contain the following
    • Your new Phone
    • Phone Stand
    • Power Adapter (may be shipped separately)
    • Handset and Handset Cord
    • Optional Headset
    • Ethernet Cable
    • Quick Installation Guide
    • CD-ROM
  2. Attach the stand to the back of the phone
    Phone Stand
  3. Connect the handset and optional headset
  4. Plug your ethernet cable into the port labeled “Internet” on the back of the phone. Connect the other end to your switch/hub device port
  5. Plug in your power cable to the DC5V port on the back of the phone. Connect the other end of the power adapter into an electrical power outlet
  6. Your phone will power on.
    • During the first boot it can take up to 5 minutes for the phone to reach our servers and get the configuration
    • Your phone may reboot multiple times, please leave the power plugged in
  7. Start making calls!