Portal – Call Detail Records

Call Detail Records allows you to review your incoming and outgoing calls, calling statistics and export records to excel.

To access the call detail records page click on APPS->CALL DETAIL RECORDS. This page will display all your incoming and outgoing calls. If a recording was made of the call, you will have the option to listen to the call or download the recording. Call recordings are only kept for 60 days.

In the upper right corner there are also three buttons, “MISSED CALLS”, “STATISTICS” and “EXPORT”.

  • Missed Calls: Click this button to see a list of all your missed calls.
  • Statistics: Click this to see volume of calls per hour/calls per minute and your 1,7,30 day call volumes
  • Export: Click export to save the file as CSV. This file can be opened with Microsoft Excel

Now that you’ve mastered Call Detail Records, learn about our other portal options.