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FFB Services was founded in 2008 and provides VoIP, telecommunications, and IT consulting. FFB Services is here to help you understand your bills and make the most of your telecommunications to improve your business and keep you connected to customers, vendors and the world!

FFB Services is not a telephone company and only provides the value added benefits of a local resource to manage your VoIP installation, services and a single point of contact when there are troubles.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep you connected and help you grow your business. We understand that you’re busy communicating with customers and we want to make sure that you can always keep in touch. We’re here to help you create the best experience for your customers when they call you or when you call them.

Our Goals

    • Service first
    • Keep you connected
    • Easy to understand bills and pricing

Are you ready to expand your business, save costs and reach more people?

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