Portal – Conference Center

Users can create their own Conference rooms on demand using the Conference Room app.

To access the call detail records page click on APPS->CONFERENCE CENTER. This page will show you any current conference rooms you have and allows you to delete or add new ones. Conference rooms are all tied to your primary custom conference room number, contact us for your conference room number.


  • Click the “+” buttonConference Room Settings
  • Room Name: Enter a descriptive room name
  • Moderator: Enter a secret pin for the moderator
  • Participant: Enter a secret pin for participants to enter
  • Profile: do not change this setting
  • Record: Change to TRUE if you want to record the conference
  • Max Members: Enter the maximum number of people who can join, enter 0 for unlimited
  • Schedule: Enter a start/end date for the room, leave blank for an ongoing room
  • Wait For Moderator: Enter TRUE if you want the participants to wait for the moderator to join
  • Announce: Set to TRUE for the system to announce when people join or leave the room
  • Mute: Set to TRUE if you want the participants muted upon entry to the room
  • Enabled: Set to TRUE
  • Sounds: Set to FALSE
  • Click SAVE

Starting the Call

  • Send your participants the meeting information
    • Phone number or Extension
    • Participant Pin code
    • Date/Time the meeting will start
  • As the moderator, start the call
    • Call the number or extension
    • Enter your moderator pin code

During the Call

During the call there is an Interactive Conference page which allows you to monitor who’s connected, who has the floor, mute.

  • Click APPS->Conference CenterConference Active
  • Under the TOOLS Column, click “VIEW”
  • You will now be presented by with a screen listing all participants and actions to MUTE, DEAF or KICK them.

Now that you’ve mastered Conference Center, learn about our other portal options.