Portal – Call Forward/Follow Me

From the main portal webpage, click the “Call Forward” button next to your extension. This will take you to the call forward/follow me settings page.

Call Forward

There are three options for call forwarding:

  • Call Forward (All): This will forward all your calls to the number specified. This can be your cell phone, another extension, a ring group, an IVR, etc.
  • On Busy: If you’re in a call, this will forward your calls to another party, your cell phone, etc.
  • No Answer: If you don’t answer the phone, it will forward calls to this number, bypassing your voicemail.
  • Not Registered: If your phone is not registered to our system, then calls will go to this number before going to voicemail. This is useful incase your local internet or power goes out.

Be sure to click “Enabled” next to the option you are setting and that you enter a valid number or extension.

Follow Me

This feature allows you to ring multiple phones at once. For example if you want your desk phone to ring first for 10 seconds and then ring your cell phone.

  • Be sure to click “Enabled” Follow Me
  • Destination: Enter the number of where you want it to ring. Be sure that you put your EXT number in the group. Otherwise calls will not ring your desk phone. This can be any valid extension or USA phone number.
  • Delay: Use this column if you want a delay when calling the other numbers. For example, if you want the system to ring your desk phone first then call your cell phone, enter a 10 next to your cell phone.
  • Timeout: The system will stop ringing the defined number after the timeout period.
  • Prompt: If you want the system to confirm that you want to answer the call, click “Confirm” in the drop down.
  • Ignore Busy: If an extension on the list is currently in a call and this is set to “TRUE” it will not ring that extension.

Now that you’ve mastered Call Forward/Follow Me, learn about our other portal options.