Click To Call

We are very excited to announce a click-to-call functionality on our systems! This is a very easy to use application and will allow you to dial any number in a document, webpage, etc.


  • Download the click to call beta from here.
  • Run the installer on your PCSettings Screen
  • Right click on the application icon in your status bar
  • Click SettingsDomain: Your custom FFB Services Domain
    • API Key: Your API Key provided to you by FFB Services. Contact us if you do not have one.
    • Your Ext: Your local extension number
  • Click OK


Placing a callHighlight any number on a webpage, word document, etc and then press F9 key. You will see a popup in the lower right corner saying “Calling: xxx-xxx-xxxx”. Your phone will begin to ring. Answer your phone and the call will be placed for you.