Portal – Call Block

Call Block allows you to block calls that are not wanted. This will not block calls to the entire system, but only for your extension.

Call BlockTo access the call block page click on APPS->CALL BLOCK. This page will display a list of any currently blocked numbers and allow you to add new ones. From here you can add, edit or delete.


  • Click the “+” sign to add a new call blockCall Block Add
    • This page will show you a list of your recent calls. If the number you wish to block is listed, simply click the “+” sign.
  • Number: enter the full number of the caller you wish to block
  • Name: Enter a descriptive name to block
  • Action: Select “Reject”
    • You can also select to forward the call direct to voicemail, with the drop down select the voicemail box to send the call to
  • Enabled: Set this to TRUE
  • Click Save


  • Click the “X” next to the entry you wish to delete
  • Click “OK” to confirm

Now that you’ve mastered Call Blocking, learn about our other portal options.