Basic Phone Usage

Making a call

  • Dial the number. We suggest you dial the number before picking up the headset. This allows you to make changes if you make a mistake
  • Pick up the headset. Picking up the headset will automatically dial the number. Or you can press “Send”.
  • The call will be placed.

Putting a call on Hold

  • While in the call press the “Hold” button on the phone.
  • The light will now flash, indicating the call is on hold.
  • To Resume the call, click the “resume” button or press the Flashing Line button.

Parking a call

  • While in the call press lower right LINE KEY.
  • This will now take you to a second page with a list of “Lines”
  • Select a “Line” with a green indicator next to it and press the key
  • The call is now “parked”
  • To resume the call, from any phone, press the line key with a red indicator next to it.
  • Calls that are parked for more then 30 seconds will automatically ring back to the parker.

Using the LDAP Directory

  • Press the directory button on the phone
  • Make sure first entry “LDAP” is highlighted
  • Click “OK” or “Enter”
  • Type the name using the keypad
    • To enter the letter “C”, press 1 three times.
    • To enter the letter “H”, press 4 twice.
    • Results will start to appear as the phone finds entries
  • Using the arrow keys, scroll up and down to find the entry you want
  • Press the “SEND” button to place the call

DND (Do not disturb)

  • Press the “DND” button on the phone to place yourself into Do Not Disturb mode
  • A Red “DND” icon will appear in the upper right corner of the phone
    • You will not receive any calls while in DND mode.
    • All calls will go directly to Voicemail
  • To remove yourself from DND, press the DND button again
    • The Red icon will disappear

Transferring a call (Unattended)

  • While in a call, press the “TRANSFER” button
  • Enter the number of the person you wish to transfer to
  • Press the “TRANSFER” button again

Transferring a call to voicemail

  • While in a call, press the “TRANSFER” button
  • Enter the number¬†*99 followed by the person’s extension. For example: *991234
  • Press the “TRANSFER” button again

Creating a Conference

  • While in a call, press the “CONFERENCE” button
  • Call the second person to add to the conference
  • Once connected, press the “CONFERENCE” button again
  • You will now all be joined to a conference
  • You can have up to 3 people in an ad-hoc conference.

Checking your Voicemail

  • Press the “MESSAGE” button on your phone
  • You will be asked for a password, enter this followed by #

Call Forward a single incoming call

  • Before answering the call, press the “FWD” button.
  • Enter the number of the person to forward too
  • Press send

Now that you’ve mastered the basics of receiving and placing calls, check out our portal pages.