Portal – Voicemail

Once you have logged into the portal you’re able to manage a variety of settings for your voicemail. To start, click the “View Messages” button on your main dashboard.This will take you to a list of any voicemail messages you currently have. You can play them, download them or delete them directly from this page.

There are also two buttons, “Greetings” and “Settings” in the upper right hand corner.


Click on the “Greetings” button. This will take you to a page listing your current greetings and allow you to upload new greetings, review your current greetings or select the active greeting.

  • To Upload a greeting
    • Click the “Choose File” button
    • Select the file from your hard drive. We suggest that you upload .WAV formatted files
    • Click “UPLOAD”
    • The greeting will now appear below in your greeting list
  • To select current greeting
    • First click the PLAY button to review the greeting
    • Once you have selected the correct greeting, click the Radio button on the far left of the line
    • A message will appear saying “Greeting Selected”
  • To delete a greeting
    • First click the PLAY button to review the greeting
    • Once you have selected the correct greeting to delete, click the “X” button.
    • WARNING: Once you have deleted the greeting, we cannot restore it.


Now, go back to the main Voicemail page and click “Settings”. This will take you to a very detailed page allowing you make changes to your voicemail account.

  • Password: This allows you to change the password when you click the “MESSAGE” button on your phone
  • Options: This allows you to create options for the user when leaving a voicemail, for example in your message you can say “To reach my assistant press 1, to reach me via my cell phone press 2”
    • Option: enter the number the caller will press, in this case 1
    • Destination: select from the drop down where you would like to send them, either to another extension, a ring group, etc
    • Description: Enter a short description to help you remember where this is going
    • Add: Click add to save your changes
  • Mail To: This option will email your voicemail message to whichever email you specify. Enter your email address here.
  • Voicemail File: Leave the option as “Audio File Attachment”
  • Keep Local: If you enter an email you can select to keep the voicemail recording on the server. If you change this to “FALSE”, the voicemail will be deleted once the email is sent.
  • Forward Destinations: If you want another user to get copied on all your voicemail, select their extension number here.
  • Enabled: If you want to disable all your voicemail, set this to False

Be sure to click “SAVE” after making any changes.

Now that you’ve mastered Voicemail, learn about our other portal options.