The VoIP Reliability Myth

Many customers we talk to have the same concern with VoIP, “Traditional or analog services don’t need electricity to work so they are more reliable.

It is true that POTS (plain old telephone service) are line powered but it is very difficult to find a telephone device that does not require an electric connection. In the event of a power failure your line would work but the phone connected to it probably wont so that line is worthless anyway. In larger businesses that utilize PRI connections the phone system AND all the individual phones require power so unless you are putting a UPS system at each desk your services are down too.

VoIP is just as reliable as your standard phone service and in some cases, even more so. With the local telephone company almost all of their systems are housed in a small datacenter that’s located close to where you are. With VoIP, we have the ability to spread our services over many physical locations, providing redundancy and backup in the event that there’s an outage in one location.

VoIP as well as many traditional phone services today, rely on the same lines connecting your office to the internet. Meaning that if your internet goes out, chances are your traditional phone system is out too. If this were to happen with your traditional phone service all your calls would just ring busy, costing you business. With FFB Services Voip, we provide automatic call forwarding. Meaning your calls are still coming through and you’re still in business. Even when disaster strikes.

FFB Services strives to provide our clients with the maximum amount of uptime and reliability possible. Here’s some ways that we do this:
Multiple Locations. FFB Services has servers in three data centers across the country, each one is constantly replicating to the others so that if one does go down, your phones will switch to the next one within seconds
Auto Call forwarding. We encourage all of our customers to setup auto-call forwarding, this way if you’re not at your desk or there’s an outage in your building, calls are forwarded to your cell phone automatically.
Underlying Carrier call forwarding. In the event that there is a major outage, we always provide an underlying carrier call forwarding. This means that even if our systems are down, your calls will still get forwarded to your cell phone. Over 8 years of business in the VoIP industry and we have never had to rely on this feature.

“My traditional phone system in the back hasn’t been down in years, I can’t say the same for my computer.”

VoIP systems aren’t the same as your PC. FFB VoIP Services use industry leading maintenance plans and architecture that provides uptime that’s well above that for most computers. Additionally a hosted phone system in the cloud gives the opportunity for redundancy traditional equipment cannot offer. Multiple data centers provide geographic diversity for routing and call processing. Deploying more than one bandwidth provider at your office not only gives computers two routes out it does the same for voice traffic; that isn’t very easy with traditional telecom. Even in the event of an outage at your office calls processing in the cloud means your customers don’t get a busy signal; they can be routed to mobile phones, other offices, or voice mailboxes.

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