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What broadband speed do I need to use FFB Services Hosted Voice?

A minimum of 384 Kbps—both directions (upload and download)—is required to support the first two voice calls.

You will need at least 96 Kb for each concurrent call to support high voice quality.To determine the number of concurrent calls, for a typical installation, use one-third the number of phones on your local network. For example, if you have 21 phones, you should plan for capacity to support 7 concurrent calls or 7 x 96 Kb = 672 KB additional upstream and downstream capacity. This is a guideline; your concurrent call number may vary based on your calling patterns.Test your Internet connection using FFB Services’s Speed Test Plus.

If needed, a FFB Services representative can help you determine how much bandwidth you will need.

May I use FFB Services Hosted Voice with my existing broadband circuit?

Yes, provided it meets the minimum speeds for both upload and download.

Test your Internet connection using FFB Services’s Speed Test Plus.

How clear will my voice calls be?

Call quality depends, in part, on your ISP and your LAN. Our Voice service and all of our phones support HD Voice for a superior calling experience. We will work with you to get the best calls, every time.

What happens to my voice calls if my connectivity is interrupted?

If connectivity is interrupted, you will be unable to use your IP phone. By the nature of VoIP being in the cloud, voice administrators and employees can manage routing and features through their smart phone or any browser. Typically, users will already have features in place like Find Me / Follow Me to define call treatments including how incoming calls are routed, ensuring that important calls are not missed when they’re out of the office. Thus, a disruption in connectivity would not impede voice communications in the same way it might for a residential user.

FFB Services has data centers across the country and we are fully redundant.

Do I need new hardware with my service?

Yes. Depending on the solution, you may need new phones, a router, and additional equipment. FFB Services uses high quality HD phones which are available for purchase or rent.

How does FFB Services stand out from other Hosted Voice providers?

  • Customer care is available 24/7/365 to every customer, whether you have 1 seat or 1000.
  • We offer our services risk-free. Our 30-day trial has a money-back guarantee.
  • No minimum-seat requirement for any of our pricing plans.
  • One nationwide communications provider, one bill.
  • We are among the first VoIP providers, and we’ll be here when you need us. We are cash flow positive with a very strong balance sheet and we’re backed by some of the largest financial investors in the US.

What are the primary benefits of FFB Services Hosted Voice?

  • FFB Services Hosted Voice customers do not need to purchase, lease, or maintain a PBX.
  • Customers also save money on calling plans and long distance.
  • Moving, adding, and changing employee extensions can be accomplished on our Customer Portal.
  • FFB Services Hosted Voice has many advanced features that improve overall productivity—such as FFB Services Anywhere, Find Me / Follow Me, and Visual Voicemail, as well as Unified Communications features including SMS Text, and Presence. These features are not available with traditional phone service.

What do the calling plans include?

FFB Services pricing plans include unlimited inbound and nation wide calling.  All calling plans include over 50 calling and mobility features.

How do I learn to set up and use my Hosted Voice service?

Voice Administrators, and all end-users, can sign up for instructor-led training, view pre-recorded webinars, and read how-to documents and FAQs within our Voice Learning Center.